Now most of the trouble that brought the crisis across started from the largest world economy..the US. By the crisis, I mean The Crisis, one that everybody and his brother has been going on about since 2008 and some started telling off in 2007. This one is to be in the history books, it is to take the spot right after the Great Depression in the rankings of greatest economic collapses of 19th-21st centuries. In the US that is. Worldwide it probably would rank third if you take the German hyperinflation and economic collapse post WW1. One can counter-argue that the German crisis was more of a local event whilst the Great Depression and the Great Recession were local gone global events. But that is an entirely different discussion to which we might return when time permits and I get in to my bla bla mood again. Moreover this post is not a history lesson and is far from it. Not being present in the first half of a century I barely have any right to judge in this contest of big collapses. What I believe in is that the cause of the crisis in US, just like the one in Europe is not as simple as what the news channels, book writers and some of the populist economists had been presenting. I do not appreciate the blame game and the fake rhetoric everybody has been having. I had seen enough of it in the country where I am from, in the country where gridlocked politics, corruption and finger pointing had been turned into an act one has to master in order to succeed in not only politics but business. I do think that bad politics are the main cause of the crisis initially and stay the reason for it right now. If strong business lobby were not to push for the limitless list of loopholes, while the 1% were too gready to stop pushing for lower taxes, whilst the populist politicians were doing the same low tax promotion to the middle classes who were made to believe that the taxes are high and should be lower; if the Glass Steagall act had not been repealed just to make two huge American entities into one much larger, we would live in a slightly different world right now. All of that happened not because republicans and democrats wanted the best for the country and it’s people(which should be the reasons they are elected), but because the system had been showing its flaws. What is perceived by many to be the roots of all problems in reality are their results/fruits/outcomes. One can cut the leaves of weeds all he wants but that will not stop those nasty plants from growing more and faster. The change required is much more difficult than saving banks, or bringing a version of Glass-Steagall back. It is not about getting the taxes higher or lower. I believe it is more about sitting down and rewriting the system, having learned from past mistakes. The sad thing here is that we are hoping the problem, being the current political system, is going to solve the problem which is the current political system. How often has one seen problems solving themselves?? The problem making itself disappear? An act of suicide for it. The rarest form of suicides. The only form I would really like to witness, but doubt that I am going to see that almost as much as I doubt the existence of twinges of conscience in Berlusconi.

Sep 9 -
American flaws

I am ready for changes, for a peaceful rebellion. Will try to share my ideas of a better society and perhaps gather some from you, my only reader.